What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

Core Beliefs

The following are the core beliefs of Washington Baptist Church based on the foundational truths taught in the bible.  All of our teaching and ministry is rooted in and flows out of these biblical doctrines.

The Bible

The Bible is inerrant in all it asserts, infallible, inspired by God (original autographs), and consequently is the final authority for Christian faith and life.


There is one eternally existing God who has three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is the creator of all that exists, both visible and invisible, and is therefore worthy of all glory and praise.  God is perfect in love, power, holiness, goodness, knowledge, wisdom,  justice, and mercy. He is unchangeable and therefore is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


God has revealed himself to us through his son, Jesus Christ (who is the visible image of the invisible God) the holy scriptures, and through all of creation itself.


Man is unique, was a direct creation of God and was created in God's image as recorded in Genesis.
Man was created in innocence, without sin.

The Fall

Man voluntarily chose to sin. Therefore, all men are now sinners by nature and choice, utterly depraved; therefore, alienated from God and under just condemnation to an eternal punishment in hell.


Jesus Christ came to reconcile us with God. He lived a life without sin and willingly died, as a substitutionary sacrifice, on the cross to pay the penalty for our transgressions. God raised him from the dead and now, by grace (undeserved kindness), through faith in Christ (not by effort on our part) and with the Holy Spirit as our guide into the truth, all who repent and believe in Him are redeemed and declared righteous.

The Church

The Church is meant to be the visible body of Christ. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the church for its edification and ministry.
(sign and revelatory [miraculous] gifts were temporary)


Christ's return for His Church (which began at Pentecost and will end with the Rapture) will be personal and is imminent. When He comes, He will remove from the earth His church (The Rapture), then pour out the righteous judgments of God upon the unbelieving world (The Tribulation); afterwards descend with His church and establish His glorious and literal Kingdom over all the nations for a thousand years.
All men will experience bodily resurrection, the unsaved to everlasting punishment and the saved to everlasting life.